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Did you "switch" from Cisco certification to Juniper?

08.16.10   |  
‎08-16-2010 02:23 PM

The Juniper marketin department is looking for people to share their stories about switching from Cisco to Juniper.  Share your story -

Liz Burns
Director, Education Services
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Re: Did you "switch" from Cisco certification to Juniper?

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‎08-17-2010 11:42 AM

Hello Liz,


I'm Lead Network Engineer for a Tier-2 ISP.


We run Cisco/ Juniper gear with Cisco mostly installed in PoPs and a Juniper core. Cisco switching in PoPs and Data-centres.


I'm currently studying CCIE R/S, SP (Security on and off too). I spent about 15K USD on CCIE courses but recently also forked out >3K on Juniper courseware. Training is important to my personal development.


I plan to pass JNCIA-M, JNCIS-M in the next 6 weeks with the goal being to take JNCIP-M around late October in Amsterdam. If I pass that OK, I'll probably go on and nail JNCIE-M, maybe by 1st/2nd quarter 2011 and then pick up again on CCIE after that.


I've gradually been kicking Cisco out of the backbone network and replacing them with Juniper PE, so for SP market it isn't really a case of switching away from Cisco for certification or otherwise. Better to take the best of both Worlds.


i have a couple of questions that relate to probable Security topics in the JNCIE-M track:


1) The page for the following publications is a bit vague:


 JUNOS for Security Platforms - what platform is this relevant to? Is there anything in that course I should know about?


2) I am in a hurry to pass JNCIP/IE-M. Because I know that sooner or later the lab content will change to introduce switching.


I don't use Juniper switches. How long, realistically have I got?


Best wishes!




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Re: Did you "switch" from Cisco certification to Juniper?

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‎08-17-2010 05:43 PM



To your question 1, the Junos for Security Platforms (JSEC) course is centered around features of the SRX series platforms, and does not fall under the JNCIx-M cert track.  You can see which courses are relevant for the JNCIx-M track here - 

((JSEC is relevant for the Security track (JNCIx-SEC) where it is a study resource for the JNCIS-SEC exam (and the SEC track in general).  More information @


To your question 2, you can expect the rollover for the top-level exams to happen in 1H 2011.  Based on your plan below, you probably want to look more at Q1 than Q2 2011 for the JNCIE-M, to make sure you get it in.


Finally, a note/FYI on switching, (which may be already clear to you)... switching in the SP context is centered around the MX series platforms, while switching in the ENT context is centered around the EX series platforms.



Kieran Milne

Tech Lead

Juniper Neworks Certification Program