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Training, Certification, and Career Topics

Important Lab Exam Announcement: Reducing the Length of the Exams

2 weeks ago

As you may have heard, we are reducing the duration of our JNCIE lab exams from eight to six hours. We know you may have questions about this change, and we hope to address those questions in this post.


Why are we making this change?

Our lab exam candidates often travel great distances for their exam appointments. On the day of their exam, candidates are asked to arrive early so our proctor can greet all candidates and start each exam on time. As the day progresses, candidates are provided with a lunch break and occasionally are given extra exam time due to an issue in the lab environment or network. For these reasons, candidates have been spending roughly 10 hours on average at the testing location.


We decided that a 10-hour day is simply too much to ask of our candidates. We realize that the testing experience itself is very stressful, and as many of you know, the pressure candidates put on themselves during an exam can be overwhelming. We strongly feel that a shorter day will be beneficial to the candidate experience.


We also make this change with our wonderful JNCIE proctors in mind. A proctor’s day begins well before the first candidate arrives and it ends well after the final candidate leaves. For an eight-hour exam, our proctors have to be on duty anywhere from 12–14 hours each day of the 3–5-day event.


Will the shorter exams be easier?

It is important to note that our goal is not to make the exams easier by decreasing their length. It is very much our intention to maintain the same level of difficulty by reducing the number of repetitive tasks and by including more preconfigured tasks for topics covered on prior exams.


When will the 6-hour exams be released?

We will not be able to reduce the duration of all of our lab exams at once. Instead, we are trimming the time during our normal update process for each exam. Currently, only the JNCIE-ENT exam is 6 hours in length. We will likely reduce the length of the other lab exams in 2020, as well as set the duration of the new JNCIE-Cloud exam to 6 hours upon its release.


Please let us know if you have questions.