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Junos Genius Achievements

‎03-12-2017 03:36 PM

I'm studying for JNCIS-ENT and was checking out the Junos Genius app. Its pretty awesome for the most part.


I get a message when trying to challenge the 3rd intructor saying there aren't any questions. Its not given me any acheivments so far. Not sure what the requirments are for them so it might be because I'm not getting to the 3rd instructor?


I've only been working on the JNCIS-ENT sections so far.


This is on a LG G4 Android 6.0.

Training, Certification, and Career Topics

Re: Junos Genius Achievements

‎03-20-2017 06:53 AM

We are currently developing a new Junos Genius platform that will replace the existing Junos Genius app. The new comprehensive learning platform will allow users to not only practice for their upcoming JNCP exams, but will also provide access to digital courseware and other related learning objects.


We are aware of the issues that you noted with the current app, but we are focusing our development efforts on the new platform, which should be available soon.