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Networking Fundamentals WBT: Question on Bridge v Switch.

04.17.12   |  
‎04-17-2012 01:21 PM

I am prepping to start my Juniper certification and want to pass on first try so I want to make sure there is no confusion to what is the "right" answer...


This may sound very stupid, but I thought the Bridge worked pretty much the same as a Switch in that the Switch enabled VLAN and had much more physial interfaces on it than a bridge and among other many nifty features not possible on a Bridge...


However, in a chart on the WBT, there is a comparison between bridge which states:




- Half-Duplex (i thought this is limited by the cable medium, and Twisted-Pair cabling allows full-duplex on either switch or a bridge..?)

- End-User devices share bandwidth on each port (very confusing wording here... like is it each port connecting to another bridge with more than one hosts share bandwith? or all the port of the bridge share the same bandwidth?)

- Virtual LAns are not possible (of course...)


I've attached the screen shot from the WBT.