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New JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle

‎12-19-2018 04:31 PM

For those working their way up the Enterprise Routing and Switching or Data Center tracks, we have a new JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle available.


The JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle provides self-paced, lab-based lessons designed to help prepare for the JNCIE-DC exam. This hands-on bundle helps hone and validate the skills needed to pass the official JNCIE-DC lab exam. The course content is based on the official JNCIE-DC exam blueprint and was developed by JNCIE-certified subject matter experts.

Each chapter in the bundle workbook covers several technologies with expert-level configuration tasks and detailed answers. Bundles come with 30 hours of lab time and include an 8-hour practice exam called Super Lab to provide a real-world JNCIE exam experience.


If you're heading to the top of the Data Center world, be sure to check our the JNCIE-DC Self-Study bundle.




And yes, bundles are coming soon for the JNCIE-SEC, ENT, and SP exams too.



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Re: New JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle

‎12-21-2018 12:26 AM

Hi Juniper Education Team,



May i know whether this material was pdf encrypted? It means even to open the file need to install the agent or etc? Is it can be printed? Also may i know whether it include all the configuration? Compare with Inetzero DC workbook the pice from Juniper quite high?


Thanks and appreciate your feedback.

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Re: New JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle

‎12-26-2018 08:49 AM



We purchased the Juniper workbooks from iNet Zero. At this time, the content of our JNCIE-DC bundle is more or less the same as the content formerly found in the iNET ZERO workbook. We will update the JNCIE-DC bundle and release new bundles for the other lab exams in 2019.


As for the PDFs, they are provided through Online Secure PDF. The PDFs cannot be downloaded locally or printed. You will be able to access the PDF and the configurations throughout the entire 60-day subscription.




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Re: New JNCIE-DC Self-Study Bundle

‎12-27-2018 01:50 AM
Hi juniper team,

May I know what will happen after 60 days purchased? Is it I cannot open the PDF n configuration? Or just cannot access the lab remote only?

Can u change the policy cannot print because with that price it should give print permission.

Thanks and I hope u can consider it.