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New SSG 20 - help required

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‎05-15-2012 11:46 AM



We just bought a SSG 20 as our new firewall ... does anyone know where I can go for how-to's and training for it?


I have to setup a fixed IP for a box from another company - the tech who installed the SSG 20 on Saturday said I can  put that companies PC in to the DMZ and run Untrusted to DMZ - how would I do that and where can I find a step by step for it ?


Here's what the compny asked for:

"  We need an Internet connection with a static public IP address.  On that, we will install an IPsec VPN router to allow communications back to our servers here.   All of the test equipment resides on the VPN side of that router.  "


I have two spare pub IP's and a login on the SSG 20.



Dave Cason