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Training, Certification, and Career Topics

Protecting the Value of the JNCP with a Comprehensive Security Program

‎09-19-2014 03:54 PM


The JNCP team is frequently asked what we do to protect the value of the JNCP program and the certifications you work so hard to achieve. One element is a strong security program.


At Juniper Networks we recognize the investment you make to acquire your Juniper Networks certification. We protect this investment with a comprehensive and robust exam security program which we call our “piece of the PIE” (Protect, Investigate, Enforce)!



Juniper has comprehensive exam security policies and procedures, along with a strong Candidate Agreement. These are available on the JNCP website and provide detailed information on what Juniper defines as exam fraud as well as the actions we take when violations are identified. A critical part of these policies is the JNCP Candidate Agreement that all exam takers must agree to before taking a Juniper Networks certification exam. We encourage all to read this agreement as it provides information on how we investigate, report and enforce against exam fraud.


We build fraud detection techniques into all Juniper Networks exams. Juniper exams are uniquely built to identify when a test taker has had prior access to the actual exam questions/answers and does not truly understand the exam content (therefore should not be certified). This is critical as there are hundreds of organizations whose business is to charge exam takers for "actual" questions or "practice tests". Our certification process assumes the exam taker has not seen the exact questions/answers when preparing and has not had assistance during the exam. Therefore, prior access to the exam questions/answers does, by definition, invalidate an exam attempt. It is important to note that the exam taker does not have to be aware that they have seen the actual questions. Intent is not required for exam results to be invalid. Candidates must be very careful where they get their exam prep materials from! The best place to get exam prep materials is from authorized Juniper training – via Juniper directly or our authorized education partners. Other resources are listed on our JNCP Resources web site, which is continuously updated.



All exam results are analyzed prior to a pass being awarded on an exam. This analysis identifies exam security violations for both testing centers as well as individual exam takers. If an exam result does not pass this analysis it is invalidated, as based on the results of the analysis, Juniper cannot determine that the candidate truly understands the content, as measured by the exam. The process we follow is based on the same statistical principles as used to determine the passing score for an exam, is an industry standard, applied consistently across all exam takers and is defensible in a court of law.



When exam security violations by individuals are identified we take action. Candidates who achieve the exam passing score by using the actual exam questions/answers to prepare have not shown the required knowledge and skills to be Juniper Networks certified. If certified, these individuals could misrepresent themselves as knowledgeable about Juniper technologies and solutions. That is harmful to their employers/customers. When we identify such individuals, if their first violation, we will invalidate their exam results and request that the retest after taking 30 days to do more study, training, etc. Individuals who do this on a regular basis are banned from the JNCP for a period of time.


At Juniper are committed to protecting and promoting the value of the Juniper Networks certification our partners, customers and employees work so hard to achieve and maintain. The Juniper Networks Certification Program web page is the best place to start when preparing for a Juniper Networks certification exam.