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juniper interw questions

02.21.12   |  
‎02-21-2012 04:20 AM

Hi there


I recently had an interview with juniper and i must say i am a bit disapointed with the experience.

I am totally a juniper fan i consider it better then cisco ios in a lot of areas and the price/quality is also very good.

For example i got a question ( and there were a few similar with this) : What is the TTL field in a frame?

Obviously when talking about fields in data units we are thinking about the headers and obviously the frame header does not contain a TTL field which makes the question incorect . Ok a frame contains a data field where you would generaiily have an ip packet and in the headers yeah you have a TTL field however why not just say "What is the TTL field in an ip packet ?" .


I obviously provided feedback on this and i havent received a reply back which is both a shame and good actually Smiley Happy because if constructive feedback is not well taken thats not a company i want to work in Smiley Happy




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Re: juniper interw questions

02.21.12   |  
‎02-21-2012 07:15 AM

I am not sure what your actual response to this question was but a lot of times interviewers are looking as much to your positioning of the answer as oipposed to the actual answer itself. For example, if you answered it the way you described your understanding of a frame -vs- packet then that should certainly be an acceptable answer. Again, don't over think the responses to questions such as these. I have seen wrong questions asked on purpose just to see the response to those questions. I have also seen first level interviews conducted by less than technical individuals before you actually ge to the "hard core" interviewers.


Good luck!



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Re: juniper interw questions

02.24.12   |  
‎02-24-2012 12:00 AM

Very well may have been intentional... if you answered it without questioning packet vs frame, then that's a point against you. A trick question.


You probably won't get a reply back. It has nothing to do with "constructive feedback not being taken well". But, think what you will. 


At the same time, somebody who nitpicks an interview question, and then signs up for a juniper forum account and the only post they make is to complain... you really have to take that with a grain of salt. 

Chris Jones
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Re: juniper interw questions

02.25.12   |  
‎02-25-2012 08:19 AM
Hi there
The question was pick the right answer not open to write down what you think so i dont see how that would ve been a tricky question and there were a few similar i only remembered this one because it was the first question.In my carrier i also had to write interview questions and i can tell you it is not easy because you usually dont want to get into details which people easily forget or ask irelevant things and of course not make the questions very easy .ive been to a lot of interwies and seen a lot of really good questions which made me say wow that was a good question and a lot of bad ones.
Im not complaining people can write whatever they want i am just providing feedback and i dont see why you see an issue with it.