Virtual Networking Reality
Virtual Networking Reality
Junosphere Gets a Makeover

If you are a regular Junosphere user, you may have noticed that late last week there were some big changes in the Junosphere virtual world. On August 1st, we upgraded the Junosphere Cloud to introduce an all new user interface. The new UI makes it easier and faster to perform key tasks within Junosphere, and also speeds page load times, thanks to an all new page architecture.


In addition to the usability enhancements, the team added some new capabilities such a topology preview feature that lets you see what your network topology looks like before you launch it. Here is what it looks like:




Under the hood, it’s the same great Junosphere you are used to—including virtual Junos images, Junos Space and a suite of partner applications.


Want to learn more about the new Junosphere? There are a few different ways:

  • Register for the webinar happening later this week, where Junosphere product management will demonstrate all the new features.
  • Or check out the all new Junosphere Toolbox, which is packed with key information about Junosphere including all new user and administrator training videos.


We hope you enjoy the changes, and as always please feel free to leave comments or questions here.