WLA/WLC Series
WLA/WLC Series

WLC 100 Problem with WEB-Certificate

‎09-11-2017 07:29 AM

Hey there,


i am currently facing an issue with Certificates on WLC100 Web Portal Page.


Clients connect to guest SSID via PSK and then enter Login-Credentials to WebPortal Page. However since a few days there is no connect to the web Portal authentication page. After checking Logs on WLC i found the following:


HTTPD Sep  7 09:50:39.926942 ERROR HTTPD: SSL connection failure (bad cert?);


So i guess the certificates got corrupted somehow. Problem now is, that the webcert is signed by a public CA and i do not have this certificate to install it again.


Generating new key pair and self signed is no option 😞


Certificates are valid, Root CA and WLC-WEB-Cert


Any ideas on how to fix this?


My workaround would be to set the ssl-mode to none, which would mean cleartext auth, do you think this is a problem if we are using PSK as additional security mechanism?


Thank you in Advance for your help guys, have a great day ahead.