WLA/WLC Series
WLA/WLC Series

WLC 2800 (3 in cluster) / WLA532 (700)

‎11-08-2019 08:09 AM

WLC 8032 version in HA


Hello everyone,

We have had this setup since 2010 (i think) and working pretty well except enviromental interences and byob device students are bringing on campus.  We started seeing a weird issue where all 700 APS start uploading/transmit (ethernet side) so much data that they bombard a controller (WLC2800) interfaces(10gb). It appears to be all CAPWAP traffic and happenes even when no one is on the WLA.  Currently no support on the equipement and can't migrate to a new system for at least another 2 years. Anyone else see something like this?

Juniper infrastructure - dual 8216 core in VCC / EX4200 in all MDF/IDF in VCCs for each building/ WLA532  700 estup in distrub (not local switch) 8 SSID / 7 using wep and 1 portal for guests (open).