WLA/WLC Series
WLA/WLC Series

WLC100 Keeps need manual restart, Access point lose connection

‎04-26-2017 10:02 PM

Good Morning Team,


I have two WLC100 on two different subnets with 20 aps on each controller, I have updated the FW to the leastest atm, however since we have had this controller installed ( this is before any fw updates) have had this issues randomly the SSID's drop and won't come back up until I restart it phycially. At this point the controller is not accessable via web access and can't be pinged. However when I look at the lights on the controller they all look normally. And the strange thing is as soon as I restart it , it all comes back up. I can't figure  out why this is happening we had the controller replaced stil the issue remains. evan though I have carried out FW updates no change can be seen in this issue.