WLA/WLC Series
WLA/WLC Series

adding mac-user to wlc800

‎11-30-2017 08:49 AM

Hoping someone can help. Our ringmaster app is hosed. I have tried getting it going on another server but fear that I could make things worse somehow. I am not able to restore xml files currently but I have good backups.

I only need about two months from our current Juniper APs and WLCs before we get a new wifi setup so I think I have two options for adding new devices.

1. Move the necessary files from the old ringmaster server to the new one. I am unable to restore files using ringmaster but I have the xml files and backups.

2. or as needed add new devices to the WLCs using the command line. I have tried this but cannot connect. I am using the following statements

set mac-user C0:33:5E:23:74:B4 group group_name
set mac-user C0:33:5E:23:74:B4 attr vlan-name vlan_name

I then save the config but then that device still cannot connect. Am I missing something?

Huge thanks for any help.