WLA/WLC Series
WLA/WLC Series

wlc100 reconfigure problem

‎11-19-2019 04:50 PM

Wonder if anyone can help me with what I am hoping is a simple oversight. I have read all the user docs and seem to be missing a step or proper connection maybe?


I manage an apartment building. We have a wlc 100 system with a zyxel gs1910-24 system providing wireless access throughout the building. It was in place well prior to me taking over the building and the previous management left everything with no log in instructions etc. I need to re configure the access and log ins on the various access points available throughout the building. 


I have tried using the RJ45 cable to the DB9 to USB to connect to my laptop. I cannot get anythign to pull up when I use this as far as admin page. I did a reset using the button on the front of the console and it basically took away the network, great, but now I cant get in the console to re configure. What am I missing?


Port 1 RJ45 to DB9 to the DB9 male to usb to the USB port on my computer? Am I trying to connect improperly? Will this work on a laptop? 


Web interface log in is not working either. I am searching forums and re reading the manuals but cant find my bump in the road?

WLA/WLC Series

Re: wlc100 reconfigure problem

‎11-20-2019 03:11 AM
 DB9 to USB to connect to my laptop

Is this a Windows or Mac computer?


You will need to get the terminal program on the laptop connected to your specific usb port.  this differs by OS.


Also I think the WLC all had actual 9pin DIN ports for console so the correct cabling will be a 9pin to 9pin cable with a 9pin to usb adapter into the computer. 


The rj45 9 pin adapters are for a pin out using rj45 as the console port on the device itself. 




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