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Bridging and Mesh

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‎05-23-2012 07:03 AM

Can anyone clarify the following setup?


1. WLC connected AP01 via ethernet cable, tethered AP.

2.  AP01 connected to AP02 via wireless mesh

3. AP03 and AP04 connected to AP02 via wireless mesh.


See enclosed diagram also.


However I am correct;

AP01 is the tethered Mesh Portal which will offer services via wireless G and also bridging via Wireless A to AP02

AP02 is a a mesh portal for AP03 and AP04.


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Re: Bridging and Mesh

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‎05-23-2012 09:29 AM

Do you have a question? What do you want clarified? 


When you create a mesh link, it's just enabling mesh mode in the service-profile, and in the mesh AP's bootconfig. The terminology ("mesh portal," etc.) isn't important. Note that for any radio-profiles which contain a mesh service-profile, auto-tune channel-config must be disabled, so pick your channel wisely.


Also, if you're  using local-switching for a VLAN on the portal AP, it appears you should set the same on the mesh AP. That doesn't really make sense to me, since the mesh AP doesn't have an Ethernet to local-switch to, but I've seen slow performance on clients connected to mesh APs which weren't set that way.


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Re: Bridging and Mesh

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‎05-23-2012 09:57 AM

Thanks for you response.


The question was relating to how to correctly setup the AP's so that they don't all mesh of AP01, but from AP02 via AP01.


Hope that clarifies my question better.

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Re: Bridging and Mesh

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I'm not sure why you would want to restrict them that way, there's no performance benefit, since all traffic has to flow through AP01. If AP03/04 has a better link to AP01 than AP02, it's better to let them connect there - fewer hops and better signal usually means higher speed.


But, if you insist, I'd think you would create two different mesh enabled service-profiles, each with a different SSID. Put the first in the radio-profile for AP01, both in the radio-profile for AP02, and the second in the profile for AP03/AP04.


Edit: boot-config of AP02 has first mesh SSID, AP03/04 has second.