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SmartPass Screenshot

06.20.12   |  
‎06-20-2012 01:20 AM

Is there anyone have a screenshot of Captive Portal of Smartpass??. I need it because one of our costumers firstly wants to see it's screenshot then buy . I'm waiting for favorable replies. thank you from now.

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Re: SmartPass Screenshot

06.21.12   |  
‎06-21-2012 06:20 AM



I don't have a screenshot, but note that you can create your own captive portal page the way you like it and then use that by uploading it to the controllers or hosting it on a server. You only need to include the 'Login' and 'Password' fields and the 'Submit' button of course.

We have many customers that have completely customized the portal page to match their company style and that are very happy with that.