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Tagging Vlan on MX-800R

08.23.11   |  
‎08-23-2011 07:46 AM

Hi Guys,

Running the latest version of the firmware on MX-800R and doing sme configuration with tagging on vlan


Getting the following error with tagging vlan3 with tag 4



*w1-ork3# set vlan 3 port 7 tag 4
error: tag 4 does not match vlan id 3


This has worked all previous version of firmware.  What is the workaround for this on this release.





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Re: Tagging Vlan on MX-800R

10.14.11   |  
‎10-14-2011 06:06 AM

Why in earth would you  wana tag Vlan 3 with 4?

The only reason i would se is to confures yourselvs and anyone managing the product Smiley Happy