reTHINKing the Network
reTHINKing the Network
IBM, Juniper, and open data center architectures – our shared view

Modern data center networks face an unprecedented array of challenges, including cost effective scaling, support for new applications such as highly virtualized data centers, more reliable delivery of Ethernet data frames, and much more.  This week at Interop in Las Vegas, IBM released a series of technical briefs that present a vision for the creation of an open data center with an interoperable network.
Juniper Networks has a history of active participation in many industry standards bodies, and we have helped drive the development of new standards to meet the technical challenges found in modern, virtualized data centers. We are pleased to support IBM’s series of technical briefs which lay out the path to an open data center based on interoperable standards.  Over time, we see a combination of current and emerging industry standards that will ensure the design of high value network infrastructure for the next generation data center.  We invite you to join IBM and Juniper on this exciting journey.

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Casimer DeCusatis

IBM and Juniper's support of open standards is much appreciated.  For more info on ODIN, see this past week's worth of posts on IBM's data center networking blog  and be sure to follow this thread on Twitter!/IBMCasimer