VMX on VMWare ESXi - FPC not accessible

‎07-01-2020 08:31 AM

I’ve been trying to get vMX working on an ESXi Hypervisor. I’ve successfully booted the vCP and vFP VMs and they’re able to ping each other through the vSWITCH for the internal communication (br-int). However, when logging into the vCP I do not see the ports on FPC or see that the FPC is present in the chassis. Has anyone successfully made this work? If so, any troubleshooting tips are greatly appreciated.

Betreff: VMX on VMWare ESXi - FPC not accessible

‎07-01-2020 08:39 AM

Hello william,


we are running vMX on a ESXi 6.5/6.7 successfully without any issues. As there are lots of options to choose, please go into detail which steps you made, beginning from the package download to installation and configuration. Screenshots are possible as well.


Have you installed it as described by the installation guide?


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Re: VMX on VMWare ESXi - FPC not accessible

‎07-01-2020 08:49 AM

Which version of ESXi is used?

What are the memory/vCPU allocated for vCP/vFP?

Are you running lite-mode or performance mode?

also make sure promiscuous mode is enabled on the vSwitch?

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Re: VMX on VMWare ESXi - FPC not accessible

‎07-01-2020 10:02 AM

I'm going to use bullet points to help summarize everything concisely:


  • I'm running ESXi 6.7 on my Macbook Pro that's running VMWare Fusion.
    • I do not have vCenter installed and have been configuring the ESXi Hypervisor directly (using the web address)
  • JunOS vMX 18.2R1.9 is what is installed on the VMs
  • I've used a mixture of the instructions from the following two resources to configure everything:
  • The VCP VM has been allocated 1 vCPU and 4GB of RAM
  • The VFP VM has been allocated 4 vCPU and 7GB of RAM
  • I've configured the VMX instance for lite-mode
  • The vSWITCH for the internal communications has been configured for promiscous mode
  • As attached below, both the VFP and VCP VMs are connected to the same vSwitch for the "br-int"

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.36.10 AM.png

  • As stated in my initial comments, I am able to ping from the VCP from the private routing-instance.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.55.54 AM.png




Re: VMX on VMWare ESXi - FPC not accessible

‎07-01-2020 12:17 PM

I've done some additional troubleshooting and there are a couple interesting observations:


  • As part of the troubleshooting section in the Juniper "Getting Started Guide for VMWare", they mention turning on an HTTP server on the VFP to gather statistics.  I follow their instructions as written which is supposed to start an HTTP server on port 8080.  However, I'm unable to access this HTTP server (but can ping and ARP resolves fine).  Doing a 'netstat' on the VFP VM shows that there is no port listening on port 8080 (or 80).
  • Similar to the issue above, when I issue the "reset chassis-control" from the VCP, I get a lot of logs on the VFP in /var/log/messages.  One of the logs entries I see the most is a "failed to create listener socket" for mcpcsd.