vMX 17.1 and EVPN/VXLAN support

‎03-13-2017 01:41 PM



is there full support for VXLAN and EPVN in the latest release of the vMX?

We're learning all the mac's and bridge domain showing the vtep interfaces.


netconf@vmx1> show evpn database
Instance: _contrail_l2_4_vxlan
VLAN DomainId MAC address Active source Timestamp IP address
     3020 00:50:56:86:d3:10 ge-0/0/1.302 Mar 13 20:08:09
     3020 02:23:7b:d9:12:86 Mar 13 20:01:10
     3020 02:4b:9d:0b:8e:12 Mar 13 20:01:10
     3020 02:96:90:48:37:49 Mar 13 20:01:10


netconf@vmx1> show bridge domain

Routing instance Bridge domain VLAN ID Interfaces
_contrail_l2_4_vxlan bd-3020   304


Traffic is making it into the vMX and being send to VXLAN port with correct VNI.



20:23:57.427743 In IP > UDP, length 50
20:23:58.883671 In IP > UDP, length 50


But traffic never reaches the end-host and switch connected to vMX is also not learning any mac's which are present in the bridge domain, only the host coming from ge-0/0/1.302 bridge interface.


There was a previous thread: http://forums.juniper.net/t5/vMX/Commit-error-with-encapsulation-vxlan/m-p/298061/highlight/true#M40... talking about missing vxlan support in previous version of the vMX.


Re: vMX 17.1 and EVPN/VXLAN support

‎07-05-2017 09:56 PM

Yes we support evpn/vxlan on vmx17.1 onwards