NATPT ipv6 VM cannot ping ipv4 VM

‎09-12-2018 02:59 AM



I'm fairly new to this.  I have 2 vms in VMWARE one on a ipv4 network and another on ipv6. I followed the configuration for the NATPT setup here: https://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB23600&cat=SRX_550&actp=LIST


I can ping both ipv4 and ipv6 vms from the vsrx but ping from ipv4 to ipv6 and vice versa is not working. Getting "Network is unreachable" error. 


Are there any additional steps I should take aside from the NATPT reference?


Thank You


Re: NATPT ipv6 VM cannot ping ipv4 VM

‎09-12-2018 03:23 AM


I hope Your SRX is in IPv6 flow forwarding mode, routing is correct and You set up the proper policies to allow ping/ping6. 

If You are pinging by IP address, then :

- on IPv4 VM, if You try to give "ping" command an IPv6 address argument, then ping is expected to fail

- likewise, on IPv6 VM, if You try to give "ping" command an IPv4 address argument then ping is expected to fail

What You need to go is at least one of the following:

- on IPv4 VM, to give "ping" an IPv4-translated address of the IPv6 VM as an argument,

- on IPv6 VM, to give "ping" an IPv6-translated address of the IPv4 VM as an argument,

- set up a DNS server,  and make sure that

--- it returns an IPv6 AAAA record containing IPv6-xlated address of IPv4 VM to IPv6 VM, 

--- it returns an IPv4 A record containing IPv4-xlated address of IPv6 VM to IPv4 VM 




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