vSRX ESXi Best Practice (Juniper and VMware Whitepaper)

‎09-19-2019 11:32 AM

VMware Whitepaper - Tuning Telco/NFV Workloads vSphere

Juniper - vSRX VMware Guide


Just wanted to post to see if anyone is applying some of the tuning recommendations from VMware for their vSRXs?


The Juniper guide has some mentions regarding NUMA nodes, configuring transmit threads per vNIC, and disable Hyperthreading,.


In the VMware guide they mention a couple of things like disabling C-States and C1E in the bios, bios power managment settings, settings for the virtual/physical nics. See below in screenshot. (Oddly, vmware recommends hyperthreading; however will stick to Junipers recommendation)


Is anyone doing any of the below settings to ensure optimal performance for thier vSRX's? Even something as easy as configuring VMOptions Latency Sensitivity to 'High'. I understand not everything will apply to the vSRX.