Forrester Research Verifies Real-World TCO of Junos

As Juniper CEO Kevin Johnson revealed during his keynote this morning at our Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas, Forrester Research has once again validated the extraordinary real-world benefits delivered by Junos. The new Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study on Junos finds our customers achieving a 42% reduction in network operations costs in 3.7 months. 


Forrester worked with four of our enterprise customers to get feedback on experiences they’ve had with our products.  According to the analysis:


  • Overall, the interviewed companies noted a 25% to 50% reduction in unplanned network events.


  • Interviewees reported time savings of 50% to 60% for Junos in planned network outages, such as applying software patches.


  • In addition to the savings in routine administration tasks, interviewees also reported a 10% reduction in development time. They noted that development time was shorter using Junos and the Junos SDK.


  • Our customers also reported a 10% increase in administrative productivity. All of the interviewed organizations commented that they were able to significantly reduce time associated with designing, managing, and upgrading their infrastructure.


The report (attached) also includes highlights from the in-depth customer interviews. One customer comment sums it up: “My team loves the Junos software.”


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