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SDN: Your Questions Answered in Under Five Minutes

The networking world remains abuzz about software-defined networking (SDN). Much has been said about the disruptive nature of this technology and how it will make network management easier while reducing costs. I’ve contributed to the discussion too, as has Juniper’s founder Pradeep Sindhu in this video. All of this has generated a tremendous amount of online chatter in communities that live, sleep and breathe networking – but what is everyone really saying? Is anyone beyond the networking cocoon talking about SDN?


This got me thinking. We do a good job talking the talk, but maybe we ought to start listening more. What are some of the lingering SDN questions that haven’t been answered and, more importantly, what have you wanted to ask Juniper?


With that in mind, we asked you to send us your questions about SDN. The response was overwhelming. We sifted through all the comments and several key topics rose to the top including how SDN will impact the skill set of network engineers, its impact on the economics of networking and Juniper’s strategy. We took your questions about SDN, packaged them up, and answered them in less than five minutes.


See the video here:



There were so many great questions that contributed to this video. Obviously, I couldn’t cover everything in five minutes, but that wasn’t the goal. Instead, I want to use this to further discussion on a topic that’s causing all of us to rethink how we approach networking. I want to listen to your questions and respond accordingly, so all the chatter can start to look like a real conversation. So, please leave your comments on this post. I look forward to reading and hearing your thoughts.


And, remember, SDN is a tool. It’s only valuable if in the end it helps you meet your IT and business objectives. 

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