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SD-WAN and the role of the platform

SD-WAN and the role of the platform


In a previous post, I made the potentially controversial comment that SD-WAN will ultimately be a table stakes requirement for all (or at least most) connectivity solutions. And when it becomes an add-on to base connectivity, it will be seen less as a premium service and more as a component of a commodity service. 
It is worth pointing out that this doesn’t imply that SD-WAN is not important. To the contrary, it elevates SD-WAN beyond a niche feature to a nearly ubiquitous element of all distributed enterprise connectivity solutions. That said, when SD-WAN becomes a dominant feature in all offerings, it changes the criteria for building out branch connectivity.

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The consternation of diaggregation and integration

The consternation of diaggregation and integration


Most IT people are generally aware of disaggregation trends. The industry at large equates the decoupling of components to commoditization. And so the common refrain is that cheaper prices follow the disaggregation of parts of whatever IT stack is being discussed.
And while it is true that pricing tends to follow disaggregation, the actual implications of disaggregation are not usually talked about with much precision. 

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