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Disaggregation and the Tyranny of Or

Disaggregation and the Tyranny of Or


Disaggregation is a common topic in networking. Especially when people discuss cloud economics, the topic of white box comes up. By separating the hardware and software, the general sentiment is that the combined price will drop. 
But the principles of disaggregation are not limited to just hardware and software. There are lots of components that make up the technology stack. And understanding the dynamics driving some of those components will allow people to plan for how this will unfold across the networking industry at large.

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Network automation: everything is a sensor

Network automation: everything is a sensor


I have written before that the key to automation is workflows, and that the vast majority of workflows start and end outside the network. If this is true, then the things that need to be automated are extremely likely to include non-networking things. Those things can be other systems, or, more likely, tools that are used to manage other systems.
Important in this discussion, is that the actors in an automated complex of systems and subsystems are not necessarily defined by the bounds of vendor or open source packaging. Indeed, individual components can be important too. 
So what’s the right granularity? Anything that generates state is effectively something to be integrated or controlled. And this is because in an automation complex, everything is a sensor.

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